ASUS RT-AX58U Dual Band WIFI 6 Router Review (RT-AX3000) (Renewed)

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If you experience some lags and buffers in your internet use, that could mean it’s time to upgrade. If you have a tight budget, you can get a decent router at $100. However, adding just a bit more, you can upgrade to a device with the latest wifi 6 technology. This ASUS RT-AX58U review will give you an insightful description of one of the speediest wifi 6 routers.

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Significant Features

  • Its wifi 6 latest technology provides faster speed at 2.7 times.
  • The total network achieves a speed of 3,000 Mbps (5 GHz – 2,402 Mbps; 2.4 GHz – 575 Mbps)
  • ASUS AiMesh system offers an all-around powerful and stable connection.
  • ASUS AiProtection Pro safeguards your security, and revolutionary parental controls provide you with peace of mind.
  • ASUS Router App centralizes your control in readiness all the time.

Case study 1: A tech savvy user who loves to keep updated with latest routers and router’s development mentioned this as a remarkable router. Earlier, the user kept upgrading routers in search of better features. Unfortunately, each router would not last that long to keep up with the ongoing technological development.

This new router resolved most of the problems encountered before.

It was uploading and downloading, which used to take a long time, now sprints. There were also several sites that you thought had so much data that it took ages to come up. However, this router nails it with faster loading every time. For that matter, movie streaming, Skype, and Zoom usage do not pose any problem with this Asus router.

The preceding router was an advanced device with triple AC bands. Even though the speed tests read identical figures for both routers, the actual performance makes the difference. The accurate indication is how the router works in the live situation. The new router works better compared to the previous device, albeit with higher specifications.

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Case study 2: Another user who upgraded from another Asus model thought that it won’t improve by much. However, he was wrong since the new router exceeds all expectations. Coupled with super-fast Comcast internet, it performs effortlessly while streaming 4K movies.

While costing a little more than other brands, it’s worthed the investment. You can discover the actual improvement in the performance when you connect to devices offering similar advanced technology. With more controls and customization, it is an excellent buy.

Case study 3: Another satisfied upgrader to the new Asus RT-AX58U router has a pleasurable experience in a three-story house. After 6 years with the previous router, an inevitable upgrade proved to be helpful.

To start with, the connection setup was super easy. The signal appears to be pretty consistent anywhere in the big house with three levels. The speed has not reduced much at the farther point of the house.

In addition, the wifi recorded the same speed as the wired connection. It was quite an impressive showing. Furthermore, the speed improved even without wifi 6 devices attached. Buying another Asus router will be a good idea to expand the reach further outside the house.

With the router app, an excited user found it helpful to control the users. The app indicates all the connected devices, and you can easily block and unblock a device with a tap. Now, monitoring your kid’s usage has never been so easy.

A user tried to download the latest released firmware. However, upon downloading, the router failed to work. Going back to the earlier version of firmware would do the trick. The router continued to operate perfectly with the older version. You need to reboot and reset to factory settings beforehand.

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If you run 70 devices on your premises, you need this Asus router. There is a secret, though, to boost the CPU power. You can disable some of the router’s features. For instance, disabling QoS will give up to 30 Mbps extra speed. In other words, sacrificing some features would, in turn, give you more speed. In addition, it would help you release the bottleneck when dealing with many devices.

Furthermore, preserving IPs configuration is a breeze with Asus. You can easily import it from the previous device into the new Asus router. Reboot and login to the modem by assigning the new mark MAC address.

If you want more features and customization, then Asus can provide SSH console access. Asus-Merlin is an optional firmware that can offer all those additional features. The aggressive support community serves as a valuable reference to tweaks and fixes. It’s not surprising that Asus obtains some practical and functional solutions from this support group.


  • Complete, up-to-date features at an affordable price.
  • Fast and reliable 160 MHz channel support
  • A lot of convenient features coupled with extensive AiMesh support.
  • Compact and futuristic design.
  • You can mount it anywhere easily with screw slots available.


It has only one USB port.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you adjust the antennas?

Yes, you can adjust and rotate the antennas.

Can you set QOS to segregate users, like gaming for kids and video conferencing for adults?

Yes, you can set the bands, for instance, band 1 for work and band 2 for leisure.

How many devices can you connect to this router simultaneously?

You can attach 30 devices or more without experiencing any lag interruption.

Can you block unwanted sites using its parental control feature?

Yes, you can select undesirable sites, provided the pc uses a VPN client.

How can you mount the device?

You can securely mount the router to a wall or anywhere you like using the screw slots provided.

Can you monitor the device’s data usage?

Yes, you can monitor it through the app from your mobile gadget like a smartphone.

Can you create mesh wifi with another router?

You can get another Asus router to couple as mesh wifi. Some other brands could well be compatible.


The price might be a tad more than an average wifi 6 router. However, the ASUS RT-AX58U review proves that it is not just an average router. Its powerful engine connects as many devices as you could effortlessly. In short, you don’t waste your internet connection upgrade with this device. It’s a next-gen device that you can appreciate using today.

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