Best Mesh Router For Gigabit Internet

Gigabit internet gives you great speed as fast as 1 Gigabit per second, or 1,000 Mbps. Today, it’s the highest tier in consumer web service. With the current stay-at-home trend, everyone needs a faster internet service to speed up the things we do online.

Gigabit routers are connected devices that can handle Gigabit internet. Nowadays, a typical home requires faster Internet to stream 4K videos and TVs, engage in video conferences, and play online games. You need the best mesh router for gigabit internet to handle the increasingly heavy web traffic. If you find your current router can no longer keep up with the demand, check out our selection of the best mesh routers for wireless internet gigabit. You will understand why it pays to upgrade your Internet Provider’s Plan.

TP-Link Deco S4

TP-Link is one of the world’s top router manufacturers, who’s been producing high-quality IoT products for 22 years. The TP-Link Deco S4 is another excellent WIFI mesh router. Its three-unit package can cover a large house without dead zones. At an affordable price, it’s no surprise the Deco S4 being one of the market’s best sellers.

The Deco S4 comes in three units, creating fast and seamless WIFI coverage for your entire home. When you’re in a large house, you might move about from one corner to another, but your mobile devices will have consistent coverage. If that isn’t enough, you can add as many Deco units as you want to stretch coverage.

A delighted buyer thought the Deco S4 mesh WIFI system worked precisely as advertised and highly recommended this router. He mounted them on the wall, and they looked somewhat funky. The previous router produced several dead zones and frequent signal interruptions, probably due to the presence of metal sheets on the walls. But the S4 nailed it with a satisfying experience.


  • Comes in three units forming a wholesome mesh WIFI system.
  • Extensive coverage area up to 5,500 square feet.
  • Automatic connection to the closest router for seamless signal
  • Offers the Deco app – one of the best WIFI apps in the market


  • The dashboard is facing up, making it difficult to view if placed on a higher platform
  • Customer service is not up to standard.

Overall, the TP-Link Deco S4 is one of the best mesh WiFi for gigabit internet available in the market. We highly recommend this mesh router for large homes. It’s also suitable if you need to connect many devices since it can handle more than 100 devices simultaneously.

TP-Link Deco M5

This is another mesh WIFI router from TP-Link. The Deco M5 mesh system offers similar features to the Deco S4, faster at 1,300 Mbps than 1,200 Mbps. Capable of covering a large house, it can also connect more than 100 devices at a time. The Deco M5 three-unit package sets for an exhilaratingly fast and seamless WIFI experience at an affordable price.

The three router units work together to give uninterrupted WIFI coverage to a large area of up to 5,500 square feet. Every user would have no issue connecting devices for 4k streaming, video conferencing, online gaming, and many more. The Deco M5 ensures no buffering or dead zones.

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Setting up the three units is a breeze with a simple download of the Deco app available on Android and iOS. The built-in antivirus relieves you from the ever-presence of online threats. In addition, you can utilize Amazon’s Alexa to set up parental control and guest WIFI networks for your occasional visitors.

An ecstatic user was more than happy to have changed to these 3-pack routers. He just moved and kept the ISP but replaced the previous router, which gave several problems such as dropped signals and low speeds.


  • A mesh WIFI system with three units of routers for widespread coverage.
  • It can cover a large area of up to 5,500 square feet.
  • Cover every inch of the house with no dead zones and buffering.
  • Built-in free antivirus program for data and device security.


  • You can only use a phone app to do the setup.
  • Sluggish customer service response.

In conclusion, three units of routers are a fantastic offer to run your gigabit internet. A unit is adequate, but you can have a captivating online experience in your home with three units. If you’re listing choices of best routers, add this 3-pack mesh router to your list.

Meshforce M3s Suite

This time it’s not from TP-Link, but Meshforce. The M3s suite is the manufacturer’s flagship mesh WIFI router. This is also a three-pack mesh WIFI package. While not as fast as the two TP-Link mesh routers we reviewed above, Meshforce specializes in manufacturing mesh router systems. That means Meshforce knows mesh WIFI technology better than the regular router manufacturers.

The M3s suite has all the modern mesh WIFI router latest features. Its dual frequency bands produce powerful 1,000 Mbps signals for the entire home. You can connect up to 60 devices without sacrificing quality and speed. Like other major manufacturers, Meshforce maintains an app for setup and controls available on Android and iOS.

An employee of an IT company recently replaced a Netgear router with the M3s suite. Being familiar with IT devices, he immediately unboxed the package and downloaded the app to set up the mesh system. He only took 15 minutes to do it and was awed by the robust performance of the router pack. As a tech nerd, he connected devices ranging from smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, TVs, thermostats, and security cameras. The experience with all his 40 devices has been nothing but impressive.

Although an IT professional had never heard of Meshforce before, he somehow bought the M3s suite to replace his old routers. He was overly impressed with the Meshforce app that covers all the necessary details despite its simple structure. Even more impressive was the blazing fast signal at a device farthest from the router, passing through eight walls.


  • Meshforce is a specialist manufacturer of mesh WIFI systems.
  • Provides stable signal at all points in the coverage area.
  • Meshforce app is one of the best in the industry.
  • Have all the latest features of a great router, including parental controls and a guest network.


  • Absence of advanced settings.
  • WIFI speed can fluctuate at times.

Meshforce might not be a big or popular name in the router industry. However, it boasts all the necessary features that the popular brands could produce at the same or lower price. The Meshforce M3s mesh WIFI router system is an excellent option if you don’t mind the brand.

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Tenda Nova MW5

If the Meshforce M3s suite offers all the modern features of a WIFI router, Tenda produces a similar router package at a much lower price. For less than a hundred dollars, the Tenda Nova MW5 also offers three units of routers to form a wholesome mesh WIFI system.

Like Meshforce, Tenda is relatively unknown in the router business. But, with the capability to create a high capacity and complete flexibility, the Nova MW5 is an enticing offer. If you’re still a bit skeptical about its quality, Tenda clears your doubt with a three-year product warranty.

A new user was hesitant to buy this router because of its shockingly low price compared to similar products from top manufacturers. But it works fine, just like advertised. For a start, he only needs to wire up the primary node to the modem. The other secondary nodes work with a WIFI connection, forming a mesh WIFI system covering every house corner. The Tenda app was fabulous, and he could do troubleshooting to find something not going right.


  • An inexpensive mesh WIFI system is producing adequate coverage.
  • It can cover a medium to large home up to 3,500 square feet.
  • Easy Tenda app is capable of self-troubleshooting.
  • Comes with a convincing three-year product Warranty.


  • Lack of firmware updates.
  • Inefficient customer service feedback

Despite its obscurity, the Tenda Nova MW5 boasts quite everything that a regular home internet user need. With a price tag barely reaching $100, you can get adequately fast and seamless mesh WIFI signals throughout your home. It’s your choice if you can’t part with anything over $100 for a router.

Linksys AC2200 Smart Mesh MR8300

Our last router is from Linksys. The AC2200 smart mesh MR8300 doesn’t come in 3 packs but a single primary node, capable of forming a mesh system. You need to add Velop mesh WIFI nodes for a complete mesh network. Despite coming with a single router, the MR8300 can produce a total of 2,200 Mbps through three bandwidths.

A new user got his Linksys MR8300 and found the standard setup straightforward. He downloaded the Linksys app on his iPhone and wired up the router to the modem to get the purple lights on. Then the system ran and completed and was ready to use when the blue lights appeared. Upon reaching all configured, he found it working as expected, although a more advanced configuration was a bit complicated.

The Linksys MR8300 was an appropriate option when a user replaced his underperforming, old router. He used to utilize two routers, but with the MR8300, he only needed one to get full coverage on his tiny 1,200 square feet home. He experienced a more powerful, speedier, and more consistent signal compared to his previous double-routers.


  • A single router is capable of turning into the primary node of a mesh WIFI network.
  • Offers three frequency bands for easy dedicated usage of specific device types.
  • Equipped with multiple Ethernet ports for easy connections to peripherals.
  • Regular automatic firmware updates.


  • Advanced configuration not available on the Linksys app – need to go to a separate portal.
  • The signal fluctuation on specific devices.
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The Linksys MR8300 is suitable for a fast and robust internet connection covering a small area. It’s upgradeable to a mesh router for gigabit internet. It’s the right router if you plan to have more devices in the not-so-distant future.


What determines the speed of a mesh network?

The speed of a router depends on many factors. Firstly, the WIFI standards, most routers now come in 802.11 ac (WIFI 5), but the latest 802.11ax (WIFI 6) is slowly phasing it out. Other factors are the number of connected devices, physical interferences, and the distance of devices from the router.

What is the best WiFi router for 1 gig Internet?

Our pick is TP-Link Deco M5. It has the power, speed, and flexibility to cover a large area and connect several devices without compromising quality.

Do mesh routers make the Internet faster?

Mesh routers don’t make the Internet faster, but it allows signals to reach every part of your home while maintaining the original speed.

Does mesh WiFi reduce speed?

No, mesh WiFi maintains speed throughout the coverage area. It uses the central nodes to control WIFI connections to several auxiliary nodes placed at strategic places.

What are the disadvantages of a mesh network?

– Generally expensive
– A complicated and time-consuming network arrangement
– Possible latency issues if you use a low-power network
– The nodes can quickly fail due to its complex working algorithm

Is a mesh system better than a router?

It depends on your needs. A single router is adequate for a small home with a few devices, but you need a mesh system for broader coverage and connecting many devices.

Can you get gigabit speeds over WiFi?

A wired connection will give faster speed, but some WiFi routers can provide you with gigabit speeds.

How do I know if my router is gigabit?

A gigabit router must have the word gigabit in its name or description. You can confirm it by visiting the manufacturer’s website.


The Linksys MR8300 completed our review on the best mesh router for gigabit internet. The mesh WIFI system is good enough to provide a compelling and fast internet connection to many average home internet users.

For a three-pack-router package, you have enough coverage with the primary node connected to the modem. Place the other two nodes at strategic locations to act as extenders, giving a wholesome seamless coverage throughout the house. However, users utilizing more latest devices would look for the best WiFi 6 mesh router for gigabit internet since most of the latest devices support WiFi 6 technology.

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