6 Best Router for 100Mbps in 2022

What is the best router for 100Mbps Internet? You can find a lot of affordable routers out there capable of producing 100Mbps speed. It’s not necessary to buy expensive, high-end routers if you use the usual online devices and stay in an apartment or a smaller house. Unless you’re an avid gamer or AR/VR enthusiast who requires state-of-the-art, speedy routers, a good cheap router costing less than $100 or even less should do the work.

First, before pinpointing a suitable router, you must ensure the Router is compatible with your Internet Service Provider; otherwise, it’s useless. Any all-round router from a reputable brand should work perfectly for you. However, it’s best if you take into consideration a few factors, such as the number of connected devices, the size of your house, and how much you can afford to part with.

Still get overwhelmed by the volume of affordable routers in the market and confused about the best home wireless router for a 100Mbps internet? Maybe our review of several routers here can help you find just the right one for you and your family.

While TP-Link produces a lot of powerful and fast routers using the latest technology and network, it also offers several quality budget routers. The Archer A7 and A8 are also high-performing affordable routers but with much lower price tags. The Archer A5 and A6 have similar features, albeit performing slightly on the lower level. Performing at a speed of 100Mbps is still within their capabilities.

You might want to zoom twice on the price tag! But it’s correct; at this rock-bottom price, you can bring home a decent TP-Link router capable of handling a connection speed of 100Mbps. In fact, at the 2.4GHz band, it produces 300Mbps, and at the higher band of 5GHz, it churns out a speed of 867Mbps. So, you can imagine how easy it is for this Router to handle your 100Mbps internet plan.

The secret of such a great performance probably lies in its antenna design. Although equipped with only a couple of them, TP-Link innovatively designed the antennas to create more efficient and stable connections. Moreover, the antennas increase WiFi coverage for your house.

The Archer A5 also boasts multiple other great features, such as easy setup using the powerful Tether app, extensive parental control features, and can set up a secure guest network access. Coupled with its double WiFi rings, this low-priced Router can simultaneously provide an all-around stable and fast signal for streaming HD content, online gaming, and other online activities.

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Costing slightly more than the A5, the TP-Link Archer A6 price tag is still the same as a pair of your regular blue jeans. While looking entirely different from the A5, the A6 has similar features and capabilities. It still boasts features normally found on higher-spec models, such as the MU-MIMO data streaming and 4 GB LAN ports. However, performance-wise, it lags a little bit.

Other than its textured glossy black design, it differs from the A5, with four antennas, compared to A5’s two. Unlike most of the latest routers, the LED indicators are easily seen from the top, which places the lights at the front for easier viewing.

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Despite its awkward look, the Archer A6 performs quite well. Its 2.4GHz band does not perform better than most of its competitors. However, it performs much better on its 5GHz band, beating most of its rivals in the same class. It produces excellent speed at close range and maintains a decent speed at longer distances.

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Pros and Cons of Archer A5 and A6


  • Very cheap.
  • Decent all-round performance.
  • Features the Tether app for easy setting and monitoring via mobile devices.
  • Formidable performance on the 5GHz band.


  • Vague technical information.
  • Low performance at the 2.4GHz band.

In conclusion, both routers are very cheap but perform decently for average users. The Archer A5 price is insanely low for a device capable of providing acceptable internet connections for regular online usages. With just a little bit more, you can opt for the Archer A6, with similar features but performs slightly better than the little brother, the A5.

If you’re a fan of Netgear, we have two low-end and equally affordable Netgear routers for you to choose from.

Netgear AC1000 and AC1750 Comparison

NETGEAR WiFi Router (R6080) – AC1000

Like many other Network routers, the RT6080 has an attractive design. The four LED indicators are nicely placed at the front end of the black Router. It’s pretty small and lightweight, making it easy to place about your workstation or at any corner of the house.

The Netgear R6080 (AC1000) wallet-friendly router is one of the most popular devices for home internet users. Its dual frequency bands produce a signal speed of up to 1,000Mbps while connecting as many as 15 devices simultaneously in a coverage area of up to 1,000 square feet. That suits home users living in an apartment or a small house with the usual online devices to stream HD content, light gaming, and the usual online stuff.

Using the Nighthawk app, you can easily do the setting in a breeze. The Router also comes with a high-level security system. You can also create a guest network separately so as not to compromise your data and device security.

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NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router, R6700 – AC1750

The Netgear R6700 (AC1750) trapezoidal black Router may not look as good as the Netgear R6080, but it’s certainly a lot better. Although the R6700 is two times more expensive than the R6080, it still falls under the affordable routers bracket. It also has superior performance in all categories, but only marginally. The deciding factor here is more on the coverage area. The former can cover only up to 1,000 square feet, but the R6700 is an excellent choice for those having bigger homes of up to 1,500 square feet.

Upon unboxing the Router, you can immediately set up the connection using the installation wizard provided after updating the firmware. However, you’ll find its QoS feature and parental control a little bit outdated compared to its current rivals.

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Lacking some updated features in certain divisions, the R6700 makes it up with its decent performance. While the 2.4GHz band is not giving the best, the 5GHz band produces stellar performance, especially at longer distances. A user tested playing a YouTube video from some distance away and astonishingly only started to buffer at a spot longer than 214 feet.

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Pros and Cons of the Netgear R6080 and R6700


  • Very cheap.
  • The designs are relatively modern.
  • Acceptable performance, especially over long distances.
  • Easy installation using a wizard.


  • Not many features.
  • Lack of MU-MIMO and Beamforming technology.

NETGEAR Cable Modem WiFi Router Combo C6220

Some of you may not like various devices lying around with lots of wired connections. If you are that person, you might want to have a single device acting both as a modem and a router at the same time. The NETGEAR Cable Modem WiFi Router Combo C6220 might just be that device. If you already have a modem provided by the ISP, then you’d have to set it on bridge mode so that you can have the internet connection. Moreover, at a price of less than $50, you can get the job done.

While looking just like another router, the rather plain-looking device provides a two-in-one solution to your internet connection. Equipped with DOCSIS 3.0, the modem is compatible with most internet service providers in the United States. The C6220 also boasts an 802.11ac wireless router standard. It has two Ethernet ports, providing avid gamers with ethernet connections with the essential lower pings for a seamless gaming experience.

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  • Adequately modern look with smooth lines.
  • Affordable.
  • A two-in-one device, saving space from cluttering.
  • Two ethernet ports for faster dedicated online uses.


  • It might be harder to repair due to its combo design.
  • May overheat at times.

In conclusion, it is one of the cheapest options for having a two-in-one modem router combo device. It also saves you money from terminating the modem rental. The C6220 is good enough to serve most users’ needs. However, it’s not for everyone, especially those who want to subscribe to a 1 Gbps internet plan. But, of course, you need a capable modem router combo which costs more. If you only have $50 in your wallet, then go for the C6220.

Google WiFi System NLS-1304-25

The Google WiFi System NLS-1304-25 is probably what you need if you’re looking for a mesh WiFi system to cover every corner of your big house. However, before that Google WiFi system always required you to have a Google account and an Android or iOS mobile device. You’ll need to control the WiFi system through Google WiFi mobile app only, and it requires connection to Google account constantly.

That said, most people wouldn’t care much about keeping connected to a Google account since most other applications are also being connected to Google. Moreover, Google WiFi is super easy to perform settings and has well-balanced benefits in terms of convenience, performance, and price.

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The beauty of the Google WiFi mesh system is that you can have the basic unit as the main node and add more routers as you wish, depending on your needs. If you have a multiple-story, super large house, chances are you may need a mesh WiFi system.

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  • Minimalist, clean design.
  • Avoid dead zones and buffering.
  • Free to set up the size of coverage with the mesh system.
  • Secure setup and controls using Google WiFi app.


  • Some may get confused in the installation process
  • Not equipped with many advanced features.


Can I buy an older router for my 100Mbps internet plan?

Yes. In fact, it’s recommended to buy a cheaper older router since you don’t need a high-spec expensive router to run at 100Mbps. However, you need to ensure the Router has at least the 802.11ac wireless standard. Otherwise, you might not be able to run on at least a WiFi 5 network.

Can a 100Mbps router cover my entire house of 2,000 square feet?

Not all budget routers can cover such an area. However, some of the best budget routers are able to cover up to 2,500 square feet.

Is a WiFi 6 router suitable for my 100Mbps internet plan?

Yes, you can buy a WiFi 6 router since the new technology performs faster. However, it can cost a lot more.

Do I need a gigabit router for 100Mbps?

No, since no matter how fast your Router is, the ISP will limit your speed to only 100Mbps.

Does a 2.4 GHz router support 100Mbps?

Yes, but most of the time, the 2.4GHz band gets crowded. Therefore it’s best to get a dual-band router.


Like it or not, it; ‘s not that easy to decide what is the best Router for 100Mbps Internet. There are so many fine affordable routers out there to choose from. But, if you know what you’re looking for, it’ll be easier to find a suitable router.

If you have the usual online devices to connect and only use for general, not-so-heavy stuff, then a popular cheap router can do the job. But if you do a bit of gaming and 4K streaming, then look for a slightly expensive performance-driven Router, preferably with many ethernet ports for wired connection. Finally, think about the size of your house before picking a router. Alternatively, get a mesh WiFi router to cover a big house, where you can add multiple routers at the desired spots.

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