7 Best Routers Under 150 in 2021

Nowadays, routers are no longer luxury items. They have become a necessity to everybody. Whether you’re employees working from home or students studying online, you always want the best routers for maximum performance.

With the prolonged pandemic, more people are working from home. Your current home router might not stand the workload. It also connects other devices such as TVs, smartphones, and gaming consoles. It would be best if you had it for everything like playing games, listening to music, and streaming movies.

Everyone would want to have an excellent wifi experience but don’t want to spend that much. We’ve done an extensive research to guide you. Here is the list of the 7 best routers under $150.

TP-Link WiFi 6 AX3000

TP-Link’s AX3000 powerful and speedy router boasts the latest wifi 6 technology. With the AX3000, you’re entering the future of wifi routers with faster speeds, uninterrupted multiple device connections, and superior built-in safety. Not surprisingly, the JD Power Award granted TP-Link the best wireless routers in 2017 & 2019.

The AX3000 remarkably connects many devices within a large area without compromising speed. Its dual-band router produces unprecedented speeds of 574 Mbps (2.4 GHz band) and 2402 Mbps (5 GHz band). It is a superior router delivering internet speed three times faster than the previous generation WIFI 5. It is made possible due to its revolutionary Intel dual-core processors and Beamforming technology which automatically organize the adequate flow of data to all connected devices.

The first impression of a user was that the design is slick and futuristic. The small device unexpectedly produces breathtaking power and speed. Setting up is quick with a simple app downloading until you see a prompt for a password. In only a few minutes, the system is up and running perfectly.

Another user had a fantastic experience with the speed it produces. Connecting to PS4, the signal reading recorded an astonishing 900 Mbps, which is superb for such robust gaming. At the same time, the AX3000 relentlessly covers every edge of a two-story house with the same connection speed. The user highly recommends upgrading to the TP-Link AX3000 router for a thrilling experience with high speed and powerful signal over a large area.

Upgrading to the AX3000 was like getting a new lease of life for one family user. They felt that the router worked at lightning speed compared to their previous router. With TV in every room, smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, and gaming consoles for each family member, no more fighting to get connected. There are no more frustrating lags and constant buffering with the new router. It can handle 100 devices simultaneously and performs equally well.

To sum it up, the TP-Link AX3000 is an excellent all-round router with a smoking fast wifi connection. The AX3000 has it all and offers all the great features that you require at a bargain price. You can’t miss this device if you’re looking for such a wifi router.

ASUS WiFi 6 RT-AX3000

Suppose you’re on a tight budget, a $100 router can give you a decent performance. But, adding a bit more, you can get a fast router embedded with WIFI 6 technology. The ASUS RT-AX3000 costs slightly more than our threshold of $150, but it is one of the quickest WIFI 6 routers in the market.

With a total network speed of 3,000 Mbps, the RT-AX3000 boasts an AiMesh system, offering an all-round robust and solid internet connection. In addition, Asus AiProtection Pro safeguards your data from harmful viruses and malware. Asus also prepares its router app where you can centralize all controls within a single program.

A new user who is up-to-date with router technological development thought that buying this router was an outstanding choice. He changed several routers earlier, searching for a router with the best and updated features. But, none of the routers could keep up with the fast-growing technological development in WIFI and the router industry. With the RT-AX3000, he managed to resolve a lot of problems and issues encountered earlier. It easily nails it with lightning-fast uploading and downloading while taking 4K streaming and video conferencing in a breeze.

Another satisfied user upgraded to the Asus RT-AX3000 router and finds it an excellent buy. He has the super-fast Comcast internet, and the new router gel quickly to produce even faster connectivity. Finding a quick and uncomplicated installation setup, he quickly discovered the two bands providing powerful and fast signals from everywhere in his three-story home.

In another case, a user tried downloading the firmware’s latest version, but it failed. It works fine with the older version but needs you to reboot the router and reset its original factory setting. After that, it’s ready to hook up as many as 70 devices at a time. The secret to maximizing its CPU power is by disabling some of the router’s features. With the increased speed, it releases the bottleneck in tackling connections to numerous devices.

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Lastly, Asus-Merlin, as an associated firmware, can provide delightful additional features and customization. It manages an aggressive support community where you can refer to for common tweaks and fixes. The support group is so valuable that even Asus shares some practical and functional solutions to common issues.

Despite being a little bit expensive, the Asus RT-AX3000 will not disappoint you with its performance. It does what a high-end router is expected to do, both in power and speed, two of the main features sought after in a router. With WIFI 6 technology, you are keeping pace with the latest in WIFI instruments.

Google Nest Wifi AC2200

Having a market share of 92.18% in search engines, Google is leveraging its dominance to enter physical IoT products such as smartphones and routers. It already has a significant presence in smartphone production and is now forcing its way to impact the WIFI routers industry.

The Google Nest Wifi AC2200 allows several devices to form a mesh WIFI system capable of covering a large home in a speedy WIFI network. Astonishingly, the mesh WIFI system can handle 200 devices simultaneously. Another exciting feature is that it can maintain an uninterrupted signal when using devices on the move about the house. Moreover, the AC2200 is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for command convenience without lifting a finger.

You can appreciate the strength of the Google mesh WIFI system, providing as much as three times faster connection with its powerful antenna. To form an impressive mesh WIFI system, you can put up as many routers as you wish at WIFI points and desired spots in the coverage area.

Family members living in a large home noticed a substantial improvement upon upgrading to the Google Nest Wifi AC2200. They have a large living area of 2,300 square feet, and a few thick walls divide the space. Locating several mesh points across the living room, they were surprised to find increased speed readings at eight spots. They don’t have to worry about sharing the internet usage even with 40 devices connected as each family member experiences fantastic robust coverage and fast streaming.

Another user did not have a great impression of the router at first. He wondered if the tiny and antenna-less router can perform well with heavy internet usage. However, he was shocked to find the AC2200 performing so well and providing solid signals within two floors. Like many other electronic devices, it seems that less is more appears to be relevant nowadays.

If you’re tired of routers with bulky designs and many antennas, then the Google Nest Wifi AC2200 gives an appropriate option. You’d be surprised to see the power and speed coming from this small and simple-looking router.

NETGEAR 4 Stream AX1800

Routers equipped with the latest WIFI 6 technology do not necessarily cost a lot. Famous manufacturers such as Netgear produce numerous routers at lower prices compared to other brands. Being a star product of Netgear, the AX1800 packs nifty features associated with WIFI 6 capabilities.

As a signature Netgear router, it can run with most, if not all of the internet service providers, either by satellite, cable, fiber, or DSL connections. Using the dedicated Nighthawk app, you can install the WIFI router in a breeze. One of the magnificent facilities that could make a buying decision is four Ethernet ports for more cable connections. In addition, it has a much-needed quad-core processor, enabling it to operate Google assistant, Amazon Alexa, WPA3 protocols and open up a gateway for guests.

It’s worth mentioning an option to subscribe to Netgear Armor, the company’s cybersecurity program. Several users have taken up the option of protecting their devices and data against cyber threats. You’d only need a single subscription to get umbrella protection to all connected devices such as PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, security cameras, and thermostats.

Although many devices don’t come with the latest WIFI 6 technology, most users find it still worthed upgrading to the AX1800. You’d be surprised to discover that the signal could cover a big house with an area of 4,300 square feet. Perhaps what is more astonishing is that you won’t find any spot left behind by the signal. This router doesn’t show any sign of weakness when connecting numerous devices, such as signal drop or buffering during rigorous streaming.

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A family had recently replaced an old Netgear router with the AX1800. They connected many devices to the WIFI router, including a wireless printer that frequently dropped off the network. Thinking that it could be due to the numerous device connections, they finally discovered nothing wrong with the printer since it worked well with the new Netgear 4 Stream AX1800. It seems to work perfectly with that many devices regardless of where you place them.

Finally, a VR fanatic found that this router can handle robust WIFI usage for VR programs such as Quest 2 on a PC VR. The AX1800 runs it like a champion, absorbing hi-end functions such as a refresh rate of 90Hz. While running the VR programs, it can simultaneously handle other devices, making it the best choice for heavy users.
In a nutshell, the Netgear 4 Stream AX1800 is a perfect router handling many heavy-using devices and covering a large area. With its WIFI 6 technology, you have a device that could handle current and future smart devices equipped with the next-gen technology. All these are available in a device that hardly rocks your bank account.

Google 2 Pack WIFI

For some people, the shiny paintwork of a brand-new router does not matter as long as it performs well. For that reason, they don’t mind buying a second-hand unit. After all, router technology does not evolve as fast as other electronic devices such as smartphones or tablets. What matters most for these users is the router’s reliability, power, and speed.

Google 2 Pack WIFI router offers a bundle of two routers for mesmerizing internet experience. These renewed items work almost like new, thanks to excellent refurbishment work from the manufacturer. You can hardly tell the difference from the brand-new items in many cases since the devices are clean and primarily come in the original packaging. Like many other packages, you will find the setup to be effortless and straightforward. The Google package includes a Quickstart Guide for reference convenience.

One user bought the 2-pack Google renewed item to add to the three units he already has. With the addition, he now has an extensive WIFI system with the renewed items performing and the brand-new devices. It’s an incredible buy because, for the same price, you get two routers instead of a single brand-new item.

A big family chose the Google 2 Pack routers for their sleek look. In addition, the router’s blue lights glow in the dark giving it a high-tech look. The twin routers have a look and the performance in coping with 4k streaming, video conferencing, and other work or study from rigorous home activities. Furthermore, gaming in different rooms doesn’t reduce the router’s ability to transmit speedy signals.

Lastly, a 65-year-old buyer had no problems in setting up the Google 2 Pack router all by himself. Although he prefers switches and knobs on the device, adjusting to the modern controls on this router posed no problems. As soon as the installation is complete, he could instantly enjoy the router’s smooth performance that ran like how it’s supposed to.

In general, the Google 2 pack WIFI routers boast significant overall signals to a reasonably large home with two or three stories. The twin routers maintain good coverage at every spot on all levels. It is indeed worth your money getting these pre-loved items which work as well as new. After all, what matters most in a router is the performance, not the look.

D-Link Tri-band AC3000

The D-Link Tri-band AC3000 may be a tad above $150, but we still put it up on the list to appreciate how much it can do. Despite being in the digital device industry for decades, D-Link is not one of the biggest WIFI router manufacturers. However, it still produces remarkable devices bearing the latest technology available.

The AC3000 gives the best of two worlds: cable ports for traditional connections and a WIFI mesh setup permitting extender ports for wider coverage zones. Favoring voice control methods, the router provides a rare tri-band signal – a 2.4GHz and two 5Ghz frequencies. More frequency options mean more device connection possibilities. On top of that, you can also include compatible extenders to form an extensive mesh WIFI system.

Boasting three MU-MIMO signal bands, an entire family can enjoy a robust and fast internet experience at each corner of the house. With dedicated bands, traffic flows smoothly through each band without interfering with each other. In this way, connecting to many devices will not congest the traffic flow for maximum user satisfaction.

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The AC3000 continues to provide users with flawless delivery with its impressive dual-core processors. It maximizes the multitasking power effortlessly by providing seamless signals to several connected devices. At the same time, processing with dual-core microchips puts less pressure on the system for a longer operating cycle.

If you own an intelligent home, you’d want to have an intelligent router to match. The AC3000 is compatible for use with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for control operation using voice commands. Fitting the intelligent home concept, you don’t have to lift a finger when giving a voice command to the router.

In conclusion, the D-Link Tri-Band AC3000 WIFI router is something you cannot miss when considering changing your WIFI router. D-Link’s long-standing interest in IT device manufacturing means you can count on its security. The main selling point of this router is its tri-band frequencies. With the three bands, you have a wide range of options for maximizing your internet usage.

Amazon eero 6

Eero is a specialist manufacturer of routers. It pioneered the mesh WIFI network, giving a new dimension for uninterrupted connection without dead spots. Amazon realized the technological advantage eero had and quickly seized the opportunity by buying over the company in 2019.

Soon after, eero continued to flourish and came up with the eero 6 mesh router that supports WIFI 6. Combined with the next-generation WIFI 6 technology, it delivered a formidable 900 Mbps- the speed at two frequency bands. The secret is offering a faster, efficient, and reduced network congestion quad-core processor with 512MB RAM and 4GB storage capacity.

The eero 6 comes with an eero Secure+ security system capable of effectively scanning, tracking, and warning of virus and other malware attacks. It’s a significant app to ensure the safety of all your data and devices. However, you need to subscribe to the security app, and you can start with a 30-day free trial.

Good news if you are a movie buff because, with eero 6, you can stream as many 4K movies as you like on several devices at a time without lagging or buffering. Despite its small and simple appearance, it can provide enough speed for extreme movie streaming and other programs. For a better streaming experience, we recommend using extenders so that you could cover a wider area without dead spots.

Staying in rural areas would mean life with slow internet service. It’s normal to get a speed of only 18 Mbps in some secluded place. Using the Frontier internet Service, a loner used to keep up with such slow internet service while using a pc, tablet, phone, and Apple TV. When he upgraded to the eero 6 router, he discovered a faster connection. While the Frontier internet provider somewhat limits the speed, it’s better than what he used to get.

Lastly, the eero 6 is a perfect choice for replacing your regular WIFI with a mesh WIFI network. It boasts several up-to-date features such as WIFI 6 next-gen technology, dual-band signal, and a powerful quad-core processor chip. The result is what matters most – a fast and steady signal for exceptional internet experience.


When choosing the best router, it’s easy to overwhelm yourself with thousands of options. Moreover, you can get lost in the use of complex jargon that only experts can appreciate. But, there are only two considerations you need to address for your internet connection – what speed and what sort of coverage do you require in your home?

You can buy the best pc or laptop with blazing fast processors and electrifying graphic cards, but it only gets you so far. You’d also need fast internet providers running on equally fast and reliable routers to get you enjoying your online programs. Whether you’re working or studying from home or just enjoying limitless streaming and gaming, you’d love a fast and consistent online connection throughout your workspace and the entire house.

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