6 Best Dual Band WiFi Router in 2022

Nowadays, most people look for the best dual band WiFi router that allows for interchangeable usage between the two bands. WiFi routers used to operate in only a 2.4GHz band. But more than a decade ago, they started to manufacture dual-band WiFi routers, which include a 5GHz band. It was necessary since many other WiFi … Read more

6 Best Router for PS4 in 2022

Setting a router as a gaming router is not just a tactic to lure prospective buyers. Usually, it has gaming-friendly features that allow for a greater gaming experience. So, if you’re a gamer, you’d need an appropriate router to connect your gaming consoles. A superb gaming router comes with a more robust and faster CPU … Read more

6 Best Router for 100Mbps in 2022

What is the best router for 100Mbps Internet? You can find a lot of affordable routers out there capable of producing 100Mbps speed. It’s not necessary to buy expensive, high-end routers if you use the usual online devices and stay in an apartment or a smaller house. Unless you’re an avid gamer or AR/VR enthusiast … Read more

6 Best Router for 4K Streaming in 2022

Do you know that if you’re looking for the best router for 4k streaming, you need a router that performs great since 4K content needs at least 25Mbps to stream? You might think that a cheap and low-performance router would be adequate. However, you must also consider that many other devices also need fast connections.  … Read more

Best Router for Wow Internet

Most internet service providers (ISP), provide a modem and router to their subscribers. WOW is no exception. If you subscribe to WOW, you have an option to rent a WOW-provided router or get your own unit. If you want the best router for wow internet, read our review of the top five routers that are … Read more

Best Router For Cox Wifi

Many subscribers to Cox Internet Provider look for the best router for cox wifi. IOT surrounds us the moment we wake up until we go back to sleep. There are so many devices connected to the internet, with a total number of 46 billion worldwide. That’s equal to an average of ten devices per household. … Read more

Best Router For Fios Gigabit

When you subscribe to Verizon Fios internet, you may want to consider changing the standard router to the best router for fios gigabit. You have a choice to choose a router offered by Verizon Fios for rent or purchase, or you can buy your own router available on the market. If you’re searching for the … Read more

Best Mesh Router for Spectrum

If you have a smart home, you’d love to add matching new smart devices from time to time. With more connected devices, you need high-speed internet to keep your smart home running at maximum capacity. As a proven Gigabit internet provider, Spectrum is one of the best choices in providing a fast internet connection in … Read more

Best Mesh Router For Gaming

It’s not easy to find the best mesh router for gaming. A gaming router requires the right technology to meet the high demands of online gaming. Every gamer knows how important it is to have a fast and solid internet connection. First and foremost, online gaming must avoid latency. Gamers need low Ping for seamless … Read more

Best Mesh Router For Gigabit Internet

Gigabit internet gives you great speed as fast as 1 Gigabit per second, or 1,000 Mbps. Today, it’s the highest tier in consumer web service. With the current stay-at-home trend, everyone needs a faster internet service to speed up the things we do online. Gigabit routers are connected devices that can handle Gigabit internet. Nowadays, … Read more