D-Link (DIR-3040) Wireless AC3000 Review

When searching for the fastest devices, people tend to overlook upgrading their routers. As with other IoT devices, internet router technology has evolved rapidly. Now it offers several devices bringing out faster and stronger internet connections.

D-link has been producing digital devices for decades. It continues to be at the forefront of advanced IoT technological development by making up-to-date devices such as WIFI routers. The D-Link smart mesh WIFI router offers the best of two worlds: a traditional router having several ports connecting devices using cables and a WIFI mesh system allowing extenders for broader coverage area. In this D-Link Tri-band WIFI Router AC3000 review, you will find out why D-Link still offers an excellent choice for a magnificent WIFI router.

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  • You can operate the router using a voice control method.
  • Offers rare tri-band frequencies – one 2.4 GHz and two 5 GHz
  • Support for D-Link WIFI Mesh where you can add compatible extenders to create your mesh system.
  • Enhanced parental control allows for customized user profiles
  • Use Smart Connect for easy installation.

With three bands MU-MIMO available, you can ensure a robust and speedy internet connection for the entire family. Each dedicated band optimizes traffic distribution for optimum reception to many connected devices. MU-MIMO makes it possible to connect as many devices without congesting the traffic.

The WIFI router’s impressive dual-core processor allows for effortless multitasking power. Having two processors means you’d experience speedy online applications on several devices simultaneously. Moreover, dual-core processing puts less pressure on the microchips for prolonged operating life.

D-Link WIFI routers AC3000 frequently give new users a great first impression with their super easy and fast installation procedure. You need to scan a QR code in a phone app. The only waiting that is required is for the app to download fully. Once the downloading completes, you are on your way to enjoying a lightning-fast internet connection.

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Case study 01: An owner of a two-story, 2,400 sq. ft. home like this mesh WIFI router. He finds that a device closest to the router records the same fast speed as the device sitting at the furthest point of the house. All the other devices that the family members use have excellent connectivity. The only reason for a slower speed probably is because of the devices being outdated.

Case study 02: Another user finds this WIFI router an excellent buy. He used to nag about the unstable signal provided by the old router that he replaced. Ever since he quickly installed the router, it has been operating flawlessly without experiencing any periodic drops in signal. Conducting business at home has never been so smooth with the new D-Link Tri-band WIFI Router AC3000.

Case study 03: A new customer of this device gets double the WIFI speed compared to the old router. Not only that, later, he was shocked to find the signal pass through two thick walls of his home with ease. He thought maybe that works when he uses only one device. However, he experiences the same signal speed when hooking to several devices such as smartphones, personal computers, TVs, and gaming consoles.

Case study 04: A family with an intelligent home chose this smart WIFI router for easy control using voice commands through Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa without lifting a finger. Like living in the “brave new world,” you can speak out your commands for the router to follow.


  • Fast and straightforward installation setup using a phone app. Virtually it does not require any assistance.
  • Tri-bands offer options to have dedicated lines for devices with similar usage.
  • It is a mesh WIFI system. You can add extenders at points where you find signals are not as strong.
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  • You might find it difficult to find a perfect spot to mount the routers due to their design with protruding antennas.
  • If you don’t use the app, you need to eventually subscribe to a web-based portal for managing the router.


What Internet Service Providers does this D-Link WIFI router support?

This router should work with any provider.

Does this router provide a secure internet network?

Yes, D-Link is a long-established IT company. It has the resources to put up a secured system. However, no matter how secure the system is, you’d still need to hold well-protected passwords.

How many devices can this router handle at once?

You can hook up as many as 25 devices, but low usage devices can take up to 70.

Does the router keep a log when you connect to the internet?

No, the router only works as a signal splitter.

In which country do they manufacture these routers?

The company is from Taiwan, but they manufacture these routers in China.

Can you remove the antennas?

No, the antennas are not removable, but you can twist them at certain angles.

Can you disable the built-in auto firmware updates?

Yes, you can remove the automatic update and manually do that instead.

How far can the router signal reach?

It can reach up to 75 feet and cover an area of 1,800sq ft. However, it depends on several variables, such as the design and materials of the house.


D-Link might be in the IT device-producing industry for a longer time compared to other popular router manufacturers. However, it is not one of the top router manufacturers in the market. Other popular brands like Netgear, TP-Link, and Asus flood the market with all sorts of routers.

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Although this WIFI router does not have WIFI 6 technology, we’ve shown you why you should consider buying one in the D-Link Tri-band WIFI Router AC3000 review above. Boasting three signal bands and backed by a company that holds a long-standing reputation, this router has a chance to satisfy anybody’s requirement. It is a clever choice for people looking for a decently powerful, fast, and reliable WIFI router.

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