Google 2 Pack Wi-Fi Router (Renewed) Review

Internet wifi routers don’t evolve as fast as smartphones or tablet PCs. For that reason, buying a pre-owned router does not seem to make that much different from buying a new device. You don’t need a flawless shiny look of a brand new router, as long as it can still perform as well as a new unit. After all, what matters most for a router is the speed, power, and reliability.

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There are many renewed routers in the market worth considering. Let’s look at a Google 2 Pack wifi router review.

  • Amazon suppliers refurbished this renewed item to make it work almost like new.
  • Although some accessories may not be original, the device is clean. It comes in either original packing or in a new replacement box.
  • Comes in double pack wifi routers.
  • Produces dual-band at 2.4 GHz and 5 GH.
  • There are two Gigabit Ethernet ports for each wifi point.
  • Ready with the intelligent Bluetooth Beamforming technology to ensure a smooth signal throughout the coverage area.
  • Setup assistance using a Quickstart Guide included in the package.

Case study 01: A user unboxed the package and shocked to find the product to be in mint condition like new. The renewed router was very clean, and all the required cables are available. In addition, the setup process was a breeze with the use of the Google Home app. It offers excellent signal speeds and covers a decent area without dead spots.

Case study 02: Another buyer who already had three units in a Google mesh system didn’t mind buying this 2 pack renewed item to add to the already extensive wifi system. It’s a great option over buying brand-new devices with a lot of savings. At the same price, you can get two routers instead of only one brand-new device. The system offers the same performance as the new device anyway.

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Case study 03: A family bought this router for the sleek look. While in the dark, they can see glowing blue lights. The twin routers have not only the look but also the performance. They can stream 4K TV and videos, do video conferencing, and much other work and study from home activities. While the kids could play games from different rooms with no deterioration in signal speeds.

Case study 04: An ecstatic user finally bought this router after trying out several different routers. Those routers produced signals with several dead zones in the house. With these Google routers, he got complete coverage over a 2,500 sq. ft. home without experiencing any dead zones at all.

Case study 05: Another user had a similar experience trying several routers. A computer placed distantly from the modem was not working until this router nailed it. However, despite being easy to install, the instructions were confusing because it uses a lot of jargon. Otherwise, it would’ve been perfect.

Editor’s view: This twin-pack Google router is just what a user needed. His house is an old one with several additions like plaster walls. This setup caused some signal irregularities from the previous routers. Since there is no calling service at the house, wifi calling makes it easier to communicate. On top of that, the family members have no more frustration in streaming videos and movies. Moreover, they can download and upload documents in far less time than when using the previous routers.

This router is best for those who want a simple and easy-to-use wifi system. The installation and setup process is easy using the Google Home app on mobile devices. All the settings are limited to what you have on the app. Therefore, if you’re techy, then you cannot change the settings to your preference.

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Finally, a 65-year-old user thought setting up was super easy. Although he still prefers old-school knobs on the device, he had no problem adjusting to the wifi routers at all. Once installed, the Google main router automatically worked like it’s supposed to run. The second unit setup was as easy and instantly showed up on the screen as an additional point. The performance in the whole house is similarly outstanding.


  • Cool and minimalist design made of lightweight but sturdy plastic.
  • Value for money – you get a double pack routers at a low price
  • Renewed item, but it works like new with coverage included in the house and outside nearby.
  • Quickstart Guide assists in the effortless and fast installation procedure.


  • Signal speed may go down when the router is in the mesh mode
  • Auto rebooting may occur after a few months of usage


The package doesn’t come with an instruction or guide. How do you begin?

You just need to download the Google Home app and follow the simple instructions to install the wifi routers.

How do you operate the second router?

Power it up with an electrical plug. It will act as a coverage extender, i.e., mesh wifi network, for a better and broader coverage area.

How many devices can you connect simultaneously?

A user experienced connecting 47 devices at a time and still enjoyed an excellent performance from the router.

Can you plug the router into a 220V power outlet?

Yes, you can only use 220V or 110 – 115V power sources.

How large is the coverage area?

A satisfied user covers a two-story house with a built-up area of 4,000 sq. ft.

Is there a warranty for this renewed device?

Yes, Amazon provides a 90-day warranty for all its renewed items.


Generally, the Google 2 Pack wifi router review shows that it is really worth your money. Despite being a used device, it performs like what you expect from a brand new router. This wifi system produces good signals to a medium or a large house, or a house with two to three levels. The twin routers take care of good coverage on all levels. You can safely connect to as many as 47 devices and still enjoy uninterrupted service.

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