Google Nest Wifi AC2200 Mesh System Router Review

Google search engine market share stood at an overwhelming 92.18%. It’s leveraging that unbeatable dominant to enter other markets. Other than Android’s dominance in smartphone OS, Google also has a great presence in physical products like smartphones and other devices like routers. Read this Google Nest WiFi AC2200 router review to appreciate its great values.

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Significant Features

  • Flexible systems make it possible to engage several devices to blanket a large house in speed wifi.
  • A powerful nest wifi router that can connect 200 devices simultaneously.
  • Maintain uninterrupted signal even with moving devices across rooms.
  • Easy setup, convenient monitoring access and comfortable parental controls
  • Can use Google Assistant and Alexa to control room temperature.

When upgraded from the previous Google wifi, you’ll get a stronger antenna. Speedwise, it’s even more visible, with two to three times faster. If you keep the original Google wifi, you can use it as a mesh wifi point at a desired spot. That way you’d appreciate the beauty of the Google mesh wifi system.

Setting up using Google Home app is a breeze. Download the app and register an account, if you haven’t got one yet. Log in and use the app to set the router up by following the step-by-step instructions. Normally it takes less than 20 minutes to complete the whole process.

Some new users might find it difficult and confusing to do the setup. However, that usually happens if they buy two or more packs of routers. The advice is to use one as the main wifi router, and the rest act as mesh wifi points.

Case study 01: A big family living in a large house experienced awesome improvement when they upgraded to this Google nesh wifi system. They locate several mesh points in a row within their living area. The 2,300 square feet living area is separated by a few walls. They were shocked to find that speed tests at eight spots showed increased speeds, averaging 73 mbps higher.

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Unlike many complaints about the trouble to set up many router points, they found it not that difficult. The trick is to follow the rules and procedure, but make sure you maintain the same username and password. First, they reset the Google wifi to factory settings. As soon as it finished, unplug all the points. Thereafter add the points one after the other, with each addition taking only about five minutes.

With more than 40 devices attached, the entire family members had no qualms about their internet usage. They easily stream four TV’s in 4K definition and four 4K cameras recording the network continuously.

In addition, the kids were happy with the seamless use of Google Classroom remote learning. There were no lags whatsoever to video chat with the teachers. Still there’s room for the father to use VPN for business without any signal interruption. On top of that they still managed to use the secondary ethernet port. They connected several game consoles like xbox, PS4 and Nintendo switch.

Case study 02: Another user found its interface very easy to use. The ethernet connection gave 900 Mbps speed, while wifi reading was about 400 Mbps. The user-friendly UI and set up schedules made it easy to arrange a guest network. Likewise, you can prioritize devices effortlessly using Google Home app network.

Case study 03: A new user just replaced an expensive wifi router with this google nest wifi AC2200. The first impression was not great at all. It looked so small and shockingly no antennas. But, everything changed when the router started to work. It covers two floors with solid signals at every point. The router’s appearance proves that less is more, like many other fast evolving electronic gadgets.

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Case study 04: Having fast and responsive Google technical support is helpful if you have issues in your new router. A new customer had problems in setting up the system. The wifi signal kept coming in and out consistently. Google technicians found out that there was a problem in the client’s house construction. Outlets acted like antennas, causing interruptions in the signal. The technicians fixed them up and the router started to work perfectly.


  • Seamless connection with zero service interruptions.
  • Wifi mesh technology provides powerful signals in every room and space.
  • Compact minimalist and futuristic design.
  • Connects to more than 200 devices without compromising signal strength.
  • Google is a giant and reliable brand/service


  • Google Home app might not be compatible with some smart home devices.
  • Must use cloud service to access monitoring features.


Can you have additional networks converge on top of this primary router?

Yes, you can definitely add a secondary wifi network.

Is this router compatible with earlier google wifi devices?

Yes, you need to add it to Google Home app to amplify your existing nest wifi network.

Does this nest wifi come with double anodes?

No, this router comes in a single pack only.

Can we use it inside an RV and use free wifi provided by the campgrounds?

Unfortunately no – you need to use it with a fixed internet service provider.

Can I see and monitor my home wifi system from a smartphone?

Yes, you can download Google Home app and access it from anywhere.

Can you monitor the device’s data usage?

Yes, you can monitor it through the app from your mobile gadget like a smartphone.

Where can I get the device’s navigation report?

You can obtain the report from Google Home app, under settings tab.


With several big brands offering a lot of capable routers, you could end up being confused. Each router seems to present quality devices at competitive prices. Although the competition is not as fierce as in the smartphone market, it’s still difficult to decide. Probably this Google nest wifi AC2200 review could shed some light on your search for the right router.

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