Motorola MG7700 Review 2021 – Better than renting! Pay for itself overtime!

Nowadays, there is a low possibility of spotting a house with no internet connection. Even younger children now knows how to navigate a gadget and watch videos on the internet. It is also too seldom to spot a house where there are devices that is lesser than let’s say five. And with that having the need to connect to an internet connection enable to browse through the web, it is important to provide strong and reliable internet connection for the whole household.

Having only the modem in a place where many people connects to the internet is somehow a problem. And that is where routers comes to play. The Motorola MG7700 is a modem and a router combo that provides high-speed internet connection to multiple devices for a great value of money. As it combines the gigabit router and the modem, the device saves space and simplifies the installation.

It is definitely an upgrade from the Xfinity default router that has a 2-3 times faster download speed.

As everything has its own advantages and the disadvantages, the Motorola MG7700 is not an exception to that. Knowing what its features and how it works is a great habit to practice for every consumer or buyers that would like to buy this device. This is how the modem-router combo unit works:

  • The function of the modem is to connect your cable and to translate data from your ISP to the connected device on the modem.
  • The function of the router is to take this internet data coming through the modem and sends it out through Wi-Fi signals so that your devices can connect to the internet wirelessly.
  • A modem router (the Motorola MG7700 device) is a combination of the functions of a modem and a router that is performed by a single device, instead of two (modem and router).
  • Another term for a modem router is “Gateway”.

It is highly advisable to use modem router devices for the sake of simplicity of having a single device instead of two. And with that, let’s tackle more on the pros and cons of using the Motorola MG7700 device to further examine it.


Multiple devices can be connected

One of the important advantages of using a router along with a modem is that multiple devices can connect to the internet. As the Motorola MG7700 is a modem and router combo, it is capable of accommodating multiple devices connected to it. The device can handle a dozen or more devices connected to it that makes it perfect for places like large homes or working spaces.

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The Design is simple, functional, and saves space

The design of the Motorola MG7700 itself will surely attract everyone. As it is built with dimensions of 9.1 inches x 2.6 inches x 2.6 inches, this nine inch device is best suited in a vertical placement. Though it can be placed in a horizontal placement, it is highly advised to place it vertically to save space and avoid untidy appearance. In the front part of it are where light indicators are found. The back part of the device has the power button, the power port, the coaxial port to use when connecting your internet service provider’s cable to the device, and the LAN ports where you connect your Ethernet cable.

It provides strong and reliable download and upload speeds

Another great feature of this Motorola MG7700 is that it contains 24 downstream channels. The number of downstream channels is very important as they are lanes that handle or takes care of traffic, so it is better if there are more of it. With that, it is allowing the possibility of the device to hit 1 GBps download speed.

As for its upload speed, it is equipped with eight upstream channels that has a maximum of 246 Mbps upload speed. This feature makes it slower than the modems that are 32×8 (32 downstream channels and 8 upstream channels) but a lot better than the 16×4 modems.

Take note that the download and upload speed will also heavily depend on what your cable provider offers. But generally, the Motorola MG7700 (24×8 modem) should be fine for vast majority of users.

Fairly easy and user-friendly set-up

The Motorola MG7700 is also equipped with a built-in software that is customizable. After finishing the set-up of your router, you can go to a specific IP address in your Web browser to change your settings.

The name of the default network and enabling password protection are some of the settings that you are allowed to change in the built-in software. Aside from that, an Advance page is also available for you if you plan to set up a firewall or even enable parental controls.

Offers reliable and strong Wi-fi signal for both 2.4 GHz and 5GHz bands

As the router of the Motorola MG7700 is AC1900 and “AC” means it supports dual-band and allows wireless signals to the two frequencies: the 2.4 GHz and 5GHz.

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The difference between the two bands is that the 2.4 GHz is slower but it has a wider and longer range while the 5GHz is faster and is less prone to interference. The downside of the 5GHz band is that it has shorter range compared to the 2.4 GHz band.

As it supports both bands, you have the option to choose which band you want to connect to.

It has a “Wireless Power Boost” feature

This feature from Motorola is awesome. By enabling this feature, it basically cover a large range of area as the tech amplifies the wireless signals. With that, it is a perfect device for any are where you need a strong signal.

Avoid ISPs rental modem routers

As many Internet Service Providers offers rental for modem routers to their subscribers, by using the Motorola MG7700, you do not need to rent for modem routers from your ISP. You can just purchase the Motorola MG7700 with the money that you will spend on the rental modem routers provided by your Internet Service Providers.


The modem-router combo unit can restrict placement locations

Even if having the modem and router combo as one of the Motorola MG7700 advantages, it can also be one of its disadvantages. As you need to plug it into your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) coaxial cable in order to pipe the internet connection, it can limit your placements locations for the device.

It may not be suitable for places larger than 2,000 feet

As tested, the signal of the Motorola MG7700 in a 2,000 feet home is reliable and strong though as expected, the signal is weak on the basement of the house. But it is still not proven that the signal is still reliable and strong if the place is larger than that.

The Motorola MG7700 is only compatible with the selected ISPs

Another disadvantage of this device is that it is only compatible with some ISPs like Comcast Xfinity, Cox, and Spectrum. Other ISPs than that, you will not be able to use this device.

Though it might not be suitable for a house larger than 2,000 feet, I still find it worth my money as it has simple security management, strong and reliable download and upload speed, and most importantly, it is simple easy to set up. It is perfect for streaming 4k contents or even online gaming. Its built is somehow also advantageous as it is designed in a sleek and compact build.

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The Motorola MG7700 is priced at $170 these days. And considering how it performs and its advantages, it is surely a pretty good deal. Modems may be a lot cheaper than modem routers but it is surely a safe bet to use modem routers than using a modem and a router separately. I have been using the Motorola MG7700 for quite some time now and I am greatly satisfied with its performance. Since the day that I bought it, up until this day, it is still working properly.

Not just that, my family is also overly satisfied with what the Motorola MG7700 offers. As everyone can connect to the internet through the Motorola MG7700 device without any problem, it somehow maintained the order of my home.

In conclusion, the Motorola MG7700 is highly advisable to anyone. May it be a small to large house, the device performs at its best. I am fully satisfied with the product and its lots of amazing features. The transition from using a modem and a router separately to using a modem router is very fulfilling to my part. By using the Motorola MG7700, my internet connection greatly improved and I am able to save some bucks from modem router rental offers from my Internet Service Provider. Not just me, but also my family is overly satisfied with the product. I do recommend it to anyone who has problems with multiple devices that needs to connect to the internet.

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