NETGEAR Nighthawk RAX40 Wireless AX3000 Router Review

NETGEAR 4 Stream AX3000 is one of the cheapest routers equipped with the next generation wifi 6 technology. It’s a star product of Netgear, which is widely known as a reputable manufacturer of industry-leading wireless routers. The company continues to offer great routers packed with nifty features for 25 years.

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Before we dive into Netgear 4 Stream AX3000 router review, let’s see what it offers.

  • Wifi 6 facilities for streaming at the fastest speeds and link to more devices simultaneously.
  • It’s compatible with all internet service providers by cable, fiber, satellite, or DSL connections.
  • Simple set-up procedure using the Nighthawk app.
  • Comes with a 3.0 USB port.
  • It also comes with four Ethernet ports (1G each)
  • Loads of advanced technology stuff. Its quad-core processors enable it to activate Amazon Alexa, WPA3 protocols and facilitate guest wifi gateway.

With this popular router, you can get an ultra-fast connection. The high speeds let you stream 4K UHD videos, play the latest hi-spec games, or seamless video conferencing. At the same time, all connected devices perform up to their limits, even during the internet busiest hour.

Netgear Armor is an optional cybersecurity program. An intelligent user thought it provided highly-secured protection against cyber threats. A single subscription is enough to protect all connected devices like personal computers, laptops, smartphones, security cameras, or even the thermostat.

Most users use the Nighthawk app to set up the device very easily. As soon as you unbox the package, connect the router to the modem and download the app. Within minutes, you’re ready to enjoy the speedy wifi.

Case study 01: An ecstatic user tried several routers before ending up with this Netgear AX3000 router. Surprised by the speed, power, and performance reliability of this powerful router, the user rated it as the best router in its class. Done with problems and issues with the previous three devices, he tried this router as a last effort. Unexpectedly, connecting 42 devices in his smart home poses no threat to the speed and connectivity. There has been no drop in signal or even buffering experience with all the connected devices.

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Some critics were suggesting not to buy this router since not many devices come with the technology yet. However, a new user thought otherwise since the router perfectly covers a big house of 4,300 sq. ft. There is not a single spot not covered by the signal.

An engineer did a whole lot of research before finding this router as the best of them all. Upon fulfilling the family members’ needs like connecting smart TVs and gaming consoles, setting up a small office could be adequate in the future.

Case study 02: A family using more than 40 devices at a time replaced their old Netgear router model with this one. It started when the wireless printer suddenly dropped off the network. Initially, they thought it happened because they kept adding more devices. However, when they set up and use the new router, the printer effortlessly connected and worked fine. They highly recommend this router if you have so many devices to connect. They work seamlessly for all devices, no matter where you place them anywhere in the house.

Case study 03: Another happy customer has updated the user experience after 11 months. The router continuously provides undiminished signals to all devices, not only in the apartment but also to the ring cameras outside. Everything seems to work flawlessly and as good as when it was new. Video streaming, downloading, uploading, and live video calls continue without lags or buffering.

This router is a star in one of the families using it. Some of the family members have their routers connecting to devices that they use. But, among all the routers, this Netgear 4 router stands out, performing like a star. Its performance beat others in almost all divisions. Would this router worth the price? The obvious answer is yes.

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Can this router handle a VR fanatic? Yes, it can – a user replaced an old router with this one, with wifi 6 being the main reason for the choice. Running Quest 2 on a PC VR requires a router with the most robust bandwidth. But, this router takes it like a champion, even at a refresh rate as high as 90Hz. With taxing use on the VR, the router can still take more devices like three gaming consoles, three TV streaming sticks, and many more. It’s genuinely great to cater to heavy users.


  • Fantastic design – it looks like a Star Wars space fighter.
  • Lightning-fast installation using a Nighthawk app in five minutes.
  • Exceptional performance priced at only a fraction of the high-end router’s price.
  • Can handle as many as 40 connected devices without any drop in the signal, buffering, or dead spots.


  • The fans start running as soon as you power up and keeps running after regular use.
  • The anti-virus add-on is not free.


How much space that this router covers?

It can cover a large area as big as 4,000 sq. ft. with no signal issues.

Can it cover a 7,000 sq. ft. house?

A customer had full coverage for a 4,300 sq. ft. house, but there is no guarantee that it can cover a larger area than that.

How many devices can you connect simultaneously?

You can attach to 64 devices without compromising performance, 32 on each channel.

Does this router support WPA3?

Yes, it does.

Can you use the 2.4 GHz channel to connect to Roku or Fire TV stick?

Yes, you can set two networks. Connect your Roku and Fire stick TV to the 2.4 GHz channel, and use the 5 GHz channel to connect other devices like computers and smartphones.

What input voltage does the adapter run?

The adapter runs input voltage from 100V to 240V at the most.


If you’re looking for a fast and reliable wifi router, this Netgear device could be your answer. It runs with the wifi 6, the latest in wifi technology. After going through this Netgear 4 Stream AX3000 router review, you might first wonder if your devices are ready with the system. However, your worry stops when you start using this lightning-fast router. It keeps feeding you with flawless signals no matter how many devices you connect. You’d be further surprised to realize how it continues performing at distant spots without even blinking with the signal.

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