Why is my Xfinity router blinking orange

As stated in the manual the orange light may indicate that the router is connecting to Xfinity systems. If this is the reason you will have to wait for about 15 minutes and when the process completes the router lights should be back to normal.

The router’s lights provide a good indication of the state of the device as well as the network as a whole. Most of the time, we can see these lights blinking or solid, but it’s important to be aware of what the colors and behaviour (solid light or blinking one) indicates.

One of these cases is one of these cases is the Xfinity router that is blinking orange. When we have a brief glance at the help section on website of Xfinity, we’ll be able to see that the light that is flashing across the xFi Gateway (3rd Generation) as well as the xFi Advanced Gateway is stated as ” all other color combinations”. In addition, the flashing orange light on the Xfinity router means that the device is connected to Xfinity systems.

What makes the Xfinity router blink orange?

One of the causes for the blinking orange light that appears on your Xfinity router is due to a firmware update. If that’s the case, do not shut off the router immediately. Make sure you wait until the firmware update is completed.

Another explanation for the blinking orange light could be the result of an inoperable or damaged splitter.

Service interruption due to poor weather or planned maintenance.

A broken router or modem could be the cause.

It is evident that, there are many reasons to can cause the Xfinity router flashing orange. Here’s what you can do to correct it. If the suggestions in this article aren’t enough to fix the issue, you’ll need to reach out to support. But, let’s examine the best way to resolve this issue.

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Let’s start!

How can I solve the Xfinity router that is blinking orange?

According to the manual, the light in orange could indicate this router has been connected with Xfinity systems. If that is the case, you’ll need to wait for around 15 minutes until the process is completed. the router’s lights should go returned normal. However, if the flashing persists after that, attempt the following steps to fix the problem.

Reboot the router

Rebooting or power-cycling your router is the primary option. This is due to the fact that this straightforward fix will solve every issue in the majority of situations. But, if it fails to resolve the issue it’s possible to skip to the next method. Before we do that, let’s learn how to restart the router.

It is possible to reboot the Xfinity router with an app called Xfinity App or you can perform it by hand.

Because the connection to your network is likely to be off in the event that the orange light flashes on your router, the Xfinity App won’t help much. Instead, you can fix it by hand. Simply disconnect the router from its source of power and plug the router back into it after 10 to 15 minutes. It’s as easy as that.

If your Xfinity router is still blinking orange , move to the next step.

Take a look at the splitter

A malfunctioning or damaged splitter could also be the reason for this issue. You can test this by connecting your Internet cable straight to your router. Examine if you can see that the flashing light is there.

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Make sure you check the cables

It’s not often however, when we’re replacing the equipment, cleaning it, or moving the router in a better location to boost its wireless reception, we could accidentally disconnecting a cable, making the connection unsecure, or attach the cable on the incorrect port. This can cause an Xfinity router blinking in orange.

To fix this issue, examine all cables and check if they fit into the proper ports. Make sure to make sure to check each end of the cable. Make sure to ensure that the cable is connected to the right port.

Service interruption

Service interruptions can impact the signal strength and cause the light to begin blinking. Utilize your smartphone and the Xfinity App to check for service outages. When the outage is over the light will be restored. The only thing you can do in this case is wait or call Your Internet Service Provider to obtain additional information.

Malfunctioning router

If you’ve used this router for several years, it’s likely that it’s time for to get a new model. However in the event that you’ve taken out a lease on the router not too many years ago, you should to get in touch with the Xfinity technical support team to determine the issue. This brings us to the next step.

Contact the Xfinity technical assistance

If you’re still unable to resolve this Xfinity device’s flashing red issue The final step is to reach out to Xfinity support. They will try to resolve the issue remotely or even send a tech support representative at your contact.

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Final thoughts

The Xfinity router’s blinking orange light is not normal for routers and needs to be fixed in the shortest time possible. Test all the suggestions in the previous paragraphs before contacting Xfinity support.

In addition, if it seems too complicated to attempt to solve the issue with the orange light by yourself, you may reach out to the help desk immediately. It’s not a problem with doing that. In the end, the aim is to establish a functioning and functional home network within the shortest amount of time.

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